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Holiday turkey,

you’re such a culinary delight.

With your meat so tender,

we shall gobble you tonight.

And when our tummies are stuffed with you,

you may wind up as a tasty stew.

If by chance you turn greenish-blue,

we’ll have to trash what’s left of you.

Boots LeBaron

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The Beginning of Who’s End?

Remember, this is only the beginning

of the end of your life.  Make a note

of that.  You’ve got miles to go.  There

will be more ruts in the road.  Enjoy

the ride.  Heartbreak is not your final

curtain.  Like triumph and tragedy, it’s

fuel for building inner strength.  The

spirit of your being is anything but

mechanical.  You’re not going to run

out of knowledge, exasperation or fun.

Life is an unpredictable journey.  Despite

the consequences, you might discover that

there’s lots to live for.  Like all of us

floundering souls, the end is inevitable.

Just the thought of it proves that life

is a precious yet wretched keepsake.

Everybody squanders some of it.  By so

doing, we are recipients of the coveted

Pain Equals Wise trophy.  When you think

about it:  The process of getting wise

can be a delightful pain in the ass.

But it’s worth the trip.

Boots LeBaron

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