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In Late October Comes The First Rain

I wake to
the steady downpour
of the first rain
of Winter.
It’s light fingers
spread across roof
then spank the streets.
water spills
from the eaves
thumping the leaves
Pelting the tin shed.
Thunder punctuates
the heavenly orchestration
like deafening cymbals,
turning the falling curtain
of rain into a whispering chorus
that’s gentle to the mind,
Awakening the senses
that life is far more
than just a pleasant dream.



Boots LeBaron





Lavender Rose Shall Never Die.


Boots LeBaron
Husband, Father, Papa and friend to All.


RIP (7/10/1932-8/25/2017)  


Photo by Beau LeBaron May25th 2012, Rose in my Back Yard Brea CA

Lavender rose,
with the sun filterring through your frail petals,
I hate to see you go.
Bending so pitifully on that prickly stem
with your green leaves rusting yellow,
you are still worthy of great admiration.
In these last moments of existence,
you remain fragrant and memorably exquisite.
Knowing that your time has come
stings my conscience
with an indescribable melancholy.
What a void your absence will create.


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Not knowing that we’ve

been living in Paradise, fools

(that includes all of mankind)

have been frolicking here

since our first breath of life.

Hard to believe?  Look around.

We’re everywhere.  Since we’ve

created this mess, we’re obligated

to co-exist with our own species!

Unless you’re an astronaut,

Earth is the only place

  available to earthlings.

So, the “civilized” has no alternative 

than to try to share this place

with anybody and everybody.

There’s nothing avaliable on Venus. 

So don’t buy tickets.  Venus might

be a mythical love goddess, but

that doesn’t mean she has

condos to let.  Somehow, we

all must cope with our menacing

nightmares and heartaches.

To name a few:  war. greed.

 street violence, the polluted

 atmosphere, water shortage,

an anemic ecosystem, hunger,

 disease, enviromental apathy,

You name it.  We’ve got it.

We are living in the midst

of a  human tragedy of

our own making.  But don’t

give up.  Hope for our society

is just over the disappearing

horizon.    Think positive.

But don’t blink.  Challenge is

 what makes our survival as

individuals so electrifyingly

eloquent.  Without the need

to serve our material comforts

first, human existence wouldn’t

be so profusely screwed up.

No matter how trivial or

ridiculous, life on our

Planet must be taken at

least somewhat seriously.

So live and weep, citizens.

Live and weep and try to

enjoy this brief journey.

There’re billions of us

scurrying around on this

 over-populated merry-

go-roundFace it:  Nobody

lives forever.  Rather than  make

the worst of it, build a 

 perspective.  Get pissed at

the self-serving  corporations

that dominate Wall Street,    Then

try scrutinizing the predicament

we’ve  got ourselves into

right here in Paradise.

Ain’t life a hoot?


— Boots LeBaron —

(Boots’ book, “THE HUMAN RACE,” is available

on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon)

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