Boots LeBaron’s World

My Namd is Boots LeBaron.   A free-lance writer,  poet, journalist, columnist and former Hollywood publicist  whose stories and illustrations have been published in newspapers and magazines.  Author or “The Human Race by Boots LeBaron” 

My new book is available thru Amazon as well as KDP/Kindle. Just click below.. Thanks for Reading.

My blog contains a humorous and inspirational view of life, death, courage,  the workplace, spirituality, love, creativity, Hollywood — plus provocative interviews with some extraordinary participants in the games we play.

    • charlie stowe
    • April 3rd, 2012

    Your flowery and insightful thoughts are well expressed….. and make me feel utterly useless. How one average homo-sapien can hope to make a significant contribution to the sanity of humankind is beyond my pale.

    But it’s fun anyway. Nice stuff, Boots!



  1. Great blog. Love creative spirit behind it.

    Mark Blasini


    • Anonymous
    • April 27th, 2014
  2. Hi Boots. It was a pleasure meeting you several weeks ago (I’m bad on dates) at Coffee Bean and Tea in Manhattan Beach. I’m the African American man with the woman (light skin African-American) who had a cross table conversation with you. You made mention about her using her hands to talk as if she was italian. I do photography and we spoke about your experiences with photographers. Thanks for the notes you gave us on your book The Human Race. Just getting around to ordering it. Best Regard.


  3. Hey, Boots……it’s been a long, long time and I always remember you and all the laughs….on and off the HB courts.
    I still remember when you interviewed me for the Daily Breeze….yep, I’m still very active playing music professionally,,,,more information is at my web site,
    Would love to meet with you for lunch. Email me at and maybe we could set it up soon.

    Warm regards to you, Joanne & family.


    • Anonymous
    • August 26th, 2016

    Hi, Boots

    The book is fantastic, a housed tour through the human condition!

    Warm Rgds,

    Ken Sherman


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