Lavender Rose Shall Never Die.


Boots LeBaron
Husband, Father, Papa and friend to All.


RIP (7/10/1932-8/25/2017)  


Photo by Beau LeBaron May25th 2012, Rose in my Back Yard Brea CA

Lavender rose,
with the sun filterring through your frail petals,
I hate to see you go.
Bending so pitifully on that prickly stem
with your green leaves rusting yellow,
you are still worthy of great admiration.
In these last moments of existence,
you remain fragrant and memorably exquisite.
Knowing that your time has come
stings my conscience
with an indescribable melancholy.
What a void your absence will create.




    • Chris Flora
    • August 30th, 2017

    You will be missed Boots.

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    • Anonymous
    • September 4th, 2017

    BOOTS, You will be deeply missed by everyone at the gym and everywhere you go. I just loved talking to you and hearing all the stories you would tell us, cartoons you would draw for us. The world has lost a great man. His family has lost a great man but has a world of memories from him.Sincerely Cookie

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    • Anonymous
    • September 5th, 2017

    very sorry beau .I love your dad and always remember things he said to me when we were kids ..he was a class act and a real people person.He always treated me like an equal even though I was far from it .when I think of boots I think of dignity and integrity .bless you and your family .he will be truly missed .very sorry for your loss .

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    • glenn sarconi
    • September 5th, 2017

    see above

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    • Thanks Scott . You are more than an equal .
      When I told My Dad about you and that you wer writing he said “I imagine he has a lot to offer “. He cared and liked you . It’s our flaws that make us better.
      Don’t be a stranger I m sending you a yahoo email
      You know I’m in Brea . Like 15 min away from West Covina

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