Fill That Cup With God

Boots May 25th 2017By
Boots LeBaron

Believe in God?
Damned right I do!
But I don’t see our
God hovering over a Pew.
He doesn’t appear
with sculptured Michelangelo face.
Nor does he peer down
from clouds or deep outer space.
He doesn’t need a golden throne
nor silken robe to impress.
Each problem we created
becomes our own bloody mess.
If God was the ocean
and we were a cup,
filling ourselves of him
Would be more than enough!
For God is Spirit, Conscience,
Heart, Mind and Soul .
He is Part of everyone of us.
Listen to your heart,
as Gods Bell Doth Toll.
Searching inward we’ll find
The Heart, Strength and Wisdom,
its all that we need.
There’s no God in Heavan
Who wants us to bleed.
Our cups filled with God
we become part of him.
When thy cup runneth over,
Let the good times begin.
Have faith in yourself.
Savor Life’s Heartaches,
When bad things happen,
taking us by surprise.
Embrace them.
The reward, You Survived.

    • August 23rd, 2017

    Thank you so much. How do I get hold of you?

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    • Carlos Schiebeck
    • August 25th, 2017



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