Have you ever been lonely in a world

jam-packed with humanity? Have you ever

wondered about your destiny in a society

that frequently seems senseless?

Have you ever searched for the being

behind the face, behind the smile,

behind the whispered words of promise

and found emptiness? Ouch!

The quest for love can be painful.

Like buying a used car. To get the feel

of it, you’ve got to drive it for a while.

Love is a word, so fragile, an angry breath

can destroy it. It can break a heart,

sooth a soul, rattle a psyche

or give a weakling Herculean strength.

For the sake of it, Romeo and Juliet

croaked. For most, a love affair is

an erratic maiden voyage.

Whether it’s documented at the

license bureau or stored in the heart,

every relationship encounters

tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis

or at least turbulent sprinkles

that test steadfast durability.

Everybody talks about love,

frets about it, writes about it

and sings about it. Nobody, even

Shakespeare, can fully explain it. Why?

Because love is nuts! Yet we’re all

scrambling in search of it.

The divorce courts are full of people

who’ve had their fill of it.

When viewed from a casting couch, a

watering hole, spiritually, or through the

eyes of a marriage counselor, love is one

never-ending soap opera that

stars everybody. Including you!

Boots LeBaron — 

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