Life is difficult. Even at Christmastime.

Daphne, one of Santa’s many Elves, is living

proof that when you’re teased, ignored and

cast aside, you can rise above your heartache.

All you need is courage and the will to smile

despite your imperfections. Daphne experienced

such adversity regularly at, of all places,

Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. That’s

where the itsy-bitsy Elves harassed the hard-

working Daphne because they judged her for

being too lanky. At six-foot-one, she

towered over them like a skyscraper above

an igloo. Since she loved to trip the light

fantastic, to overcome her feelings of

inadequacy, after an exhausting day making

puppets and other surprises, she’d dance

her way to bed. That’s when her fellow toy

makers would look down their large noses

at her chanting, “Twinkle Toes, Twinkle

Toes with your teeny-weeny nose-e-nose.”

One night as the aurora borealis lit up the

sky, Daphne hopped the first available sleigh

and headed for the Big Apple (also known

as New York City). Despite her height and

large pointy ears, Daphne was given a warm

welcome by a group of charming  chorus girls

who judged her for her ability to dance,

sing and smile brightly. They didn’t care

that Daphne didn’t meet their height require

ment of 5-foot-8 or so. She was as tall

and she loved to smile . Although she missed

 the tiny North Pole co-workers, Daphne a

reason to be cheerful. She became the

newest member of a world-famous troupe

of high kickers known as The Rockettes.

Peace of mind, you see, is a precious gift

that even old Kriss Kringle can’t deliver.

— Boots LeBaron —

(Boots’ current book THE HUMAN RACE is now

available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

It contains human interest interviews as well as

essays and light poetry about life, courage, love, etc.)

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