Kids grow up.

Win or lose, they are compelled

to create their own story line.

Since they can’t peek behind

the curtain at the last act,

they never know what the

final scene might reveal.

So with youthful exuberance,

they must gamble, scramble

and adlib through life’s

merciless comedy. With or

without supportive fans,

they alone must solve their

most intimate problems.

Everybody must confront their

own moment of truth. Each scene

we perform in requires a curtain

call. We are responsible for our

acts in the theater of life.

There’s no avoiding it. Only

then can we determine the

relevance of our performance.

The desire of every human being

it to take a bow to a standing

ovation. Some winners experience

rotten eggs and hisses before

they can parade proudly knowing

their performance was boffo!

Whether our review is rated

riveting, mediocre or putrid,

the play must run its course.

Like it or love it, we all must

take final curtain call.


Boots LeBaron —

(Boots’ current book, “THE HUMAN RACE,” is available

on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.  It contains

humorous and inspirational essays, light poetry and

interviews about life, death, love, courage, etc.)

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