High above the Pacific there’s a tiny spark in the clear blue

September sky. Framed by distant billowy white clouds that hover

along the coastline, the sight is part of another wondrous painting by

Mother Nature.

There are no porpoise or pelicans in this masterpiece, but there is a handsome sea gull perched on the rail of the pier facing the wind, serving as a weather vane.

What this metaphoric image depicts for me, at least, is: See that endless line of beach houses that stretch along the coastline in Manhattan Beach, Calif.? Earthlings built every one of those. And that slow-moving spark of light in the wild-blue? A Homo sapien is at the controls piloting that jet liner filled with humanity.

In other words, we’re all part of nature’s scheme.

In Earth’s wilderness where wildlife is still abundant, we hold our own as an endangered species with whales, elephants, lions, bears, chimpanzees, tigers, hippos, even chinchillas. Humans might be steeped in greed and uncontrollably self-destructive, but we have proved to be technically brilliant.

We alone created that distant spark I see so clearly. We’ve replaced cave dwelling and wigwams with luxury homes and skyscrapers that house our species. We are so into ourselves. Humankind suffers a mental block. Many of us don’t give a hoot that we’re only a token number of the creatures that inhabit this planet.

People actually live in those luxury homes that dot The Strand. We fly from one point to another in the metallic contraption that rockets us across the heavens. We are so brilliant, so innovative. Yet we’re suffering a severe case of denial; blind to the damage we leave in our destructive wake. To put it bluntly: We are power-hungry, war mongering, narcissistic creatures who have lost our way in the concrete jungle we call home.

Mom Nature has every right to be pissed. Her children need a good spanking. If there was a Lock-up that’s not already over-populated, she should send the lot of us to reform school.

 –Boots LeBaron —

(These words are not in Boots’ book, THE HUMAN RACE,

but the thought is similar to what readers will find in

his essays, light poetry and human-interest stories.

If inspiration combined with humor is what you’re

looking for, the book’s available on Kindle

and in paperback on Amazon)

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