A kiss, even a prolonged mushy one,

is no guarantee for future bliss.

Yet it’s here, now and yummy. The

exaltation that ensues could result in

a mind-boggling journey. A tumultuous

one might, depending on the embracees,

could wind up as a lasting love affair

 or a fairy tale one-nighter. Every

person reacts differently when a lover

tickles the sensuality whispering sweet-

nothings into an ear. Who knows what

intentions lurk when two lips touch?

Even a quick peck could say either: “I like

you an awful lot” or “You fill my heart

with passion.” Who’s to know? If the

act is truthful, the heartfelt exchange

might ask, “Now what?” The answer could

take seconds, days or an eternity.

But the pleasure is worth the effort.

During the necking process, if lips

part and tongues play hide-and-seek, the

performance could rival great theater.

Such exoticism never killed nobody.

Whether the act is sincere or sheer theatrics,

kissing is a motivational treasure that

makes hearts, souls and intellects one.

It’s like a promissory note. It must be

acted upon. Soon! If locking lips isn’t

a heavenly experience, where’s the fun?

After all, it provides couples with

the intimacy of exploration. A kiss

can lead to the altar, solve loneliness,

result in untold wealth, last forever,

or wind up in the divorce court. A smooch

offers all participants that touchy-feely

sensation that tweaks emotional mechanisms as

humanity searches for the meaning of LOVE.


— Boots LeBaron —


(Boots’ book, THE HUMAN RACE, contains philosophic

and humorous interviews, essays and light poetry

about life, death, love, courage, the workplace,

God and Showbiz. It’s available on Kindle or

may be purchased in paperback via

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