Time is the ultimate equalizer of humanity. If we are granted a reasonable amount of it, the result is a clearness of vision that shows us where we stand in this sound-bite, Twitter-distorted civilization that suffers from a severe case of multiple stupiditus.
Only with the passage of time do we learn that brilliance and simplicity are two distinct gifts that intrinsically can’t be measured.
Brilliance doesn’t necessarily contribute to the betterment of mankind. Simplicity certainly isn’t always a virtue. Yet they stand as opposing forces. Sometimes, both fail to reveal that in the scheme of things, one is just as significant as the other.
Like genius, simplicity is a gift to be cherished and nurtured. If a simple man or woman are fortunate enough to grow through a lifetime of complexities, surmounting the daily challenges shall never cease.
Each of us are granted our very own window in time to venture forth, to evolve into the person we now are, packing far more knowledge than what we began with.
No matter how brilliant or simple we might be, the climb is always painfully difficult. Because of the myriad paths we take, the struggle will inevitably lead to a clear view of how far we’ve come and the ultimate luxury of perceiving our very own destiny.
Let that final destination not be a dungeon chiseled out of the bowels of degradation, but a mighty stone edifice that’s built with the sweat and personal sacrifice reflecting a wisdom that belongs to you and you alone.

— Boots LeBaron —

    • Anonymous
    • November 25th, 2013

    Good thinking ! ! !


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